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GEM, US Department of Education
CIS, Texas A&M University
Learn:Line Nordrhein-Westfalen
Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia
Consejería de Educación del Gobierno de Canarias

  USA Today
Pearson Longman
Das Lernen lernen
Páginas Educativas
Portal Didáctico
Sites for Teachers
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      The VTrain Project has been appointed member of the Gateway of Educational Materials (GEM) of the US Department of Education, maintained at Syracuse University.

The Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) is the key to one-stop, any-stop access to thousands of high quality lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources on the Internet.

      VTrain 4.5 was featured as "A Useful Program for Creating and Using Flash Cards" on the CIS website of Texas A&M University. It was also features on KAMU-FM, the university's radio station.

The Computing & Information Services Training Center is the one-stop department for training faculty & students at Texas A&M University


      VTrain is featured on the Computer-Aided Language Learning portal of learn:line ("Fachunterricht mit digitalen Medien").

learn:line is the official website of the Ministry of Education of North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populated federal state of Germany.


      VTrain is listed as a "Useful Link" ("Enlace de Interés") in the educational software section of the CNICE website.

The CNICE (Centro Nacional de Información y Comunicación Educativa) is the clearing house for teachers of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. [This site is in Spanish]

Gobierno de Canarias

      The VTrain website is listed as a "Useful Link" ("Página de Interés") on the website of the regional educational authority of the Government of the Canary Islands, Spain.

[This site is in Spanish]
     Educational websites            

USA Today Best Bet

      The VTrain website was featured as "Best Bet" during the fourth week of April 2002 in Education Online.

Education Online is a joint venture of USA Today and the Copernicus Education Gateway.


      The VTrain website is listed on the Study Skills Web site of Pearson Education.

Pearson Education, a.k.a. as Pearson Longman, is a leading college publisher featuring the Longman English as a Second Language series and IBM Press.


      VTrain is listed as a "Useful Link" on the AELFE website.

The AELFE (European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes) is an association of European university teachers founded in 1992. Its objective is that of fostering and promoting both the research on and teaching of modern languages as regards their applications to science and technology.


      According to the Burg-Verlag, VTrain can be "highly recommended".

Burg-Verlag is a German publisher specialized on foreign language teaching materials. [This site is in German]

      VTrain 4.0 was described by the experts at KLOU as follows:
very well-made presentation of materials; high instructional quality; appealing design; good overall impression; easy to use; good multimedia presentation"

[Original text in German: "
sehr gelungene inhaltliche Darstellung; gute didaktische Qualität; ansprechende Gestaltung; positiver Gesamteindruck; einfache Handhabung; gute multimediale Präsentation"]

KLOU (Klett Online Unterrichtsmodule) was a clearinghouse of online and computer-assisted instructional materials. It is maintained by the German publishing house Klett-Verlag, and supported by the German Ministry of Education and Research and the Technische Universität Berlin.

Das Lernen lernen

      The "Das Lernen lernen" website lists VTrain.

Das Lernen lernen is Wolfgang Pohl's popular site about learning strategies and resources. [This site is in German]

Páginas Educativas

      VTrain is listed on Páginas Educativas.

PaginasEducativas.net - Las mejores webs de educación ordenadas por popularidad"

Páginas Educativas is a directory of educational resources run by a primary school teacher. [This site is in Spanish]

      VTrain was recommended as "Cool" by Portal Didáctico.

Portal Didáctico is a directory of educational resources.
[This site is in Spanish]

Sites for Teachers

      This website is listed on Sites for Teachers.

Sites for Teachers is a linkexchange program of the other kind. Sites with educational content are ranked as per the hits they generate for Sites for Teachers.
    Updated: 2017 October 20
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