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No political statement shall be inferred from the choice of flags on this site.


For each language, we use the flag of the administrative territory with the largest number of speakers or VTrain users.

South African flag Afrikaans
Egyptian flag Al-'Arabia
Catalan flag Catala
Czech flag Cestina
Danish flag Dansk
German flag Deutsch
Greek flag Ellenika
USA flag English
Mexican flag Espanol
Esperanto flag Esperanto
Basque flag Euskara
French flag Francais
Galician flag Galego
South Korean flag Hangul
Croatian flag Hrvatski
Italian flag Italiano
Israeli flag Ivrit
Tanzanian flag Kiswahili
Hungarian flag Magyar
Indonesian flag Melayu
Dutch flag Nederlands
Japanese flag Nihongo
Norwegian flag Norsk
Polish flag Polski
Brazilian flag Portugues
Romanian flag Romana
Russian flag Russkij
Finnish flag Suomi
Swedish flag Svenska
Thai flag Pasathai
Vietnamese flag Tieng Viet
Turkish flag Turkce
Chinese (PR) flag Zhongwen
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