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Writing systems
-   Western alphabets
-   Non-Western alphabets
-   Phonetic and offbeat
-   Varying glyphs
-   CJK
-   Miscellaneous

-   -
Types of fonts
-   Inserting single characters
-   Inserting diacritics:
á, à, â, ä, ...
-   Keyboard layouts
-   Input methods
-   Multilingual browsing
      You can write in almost any language in VTrain. To make multilingual edition as easy and comfortable as possible, we have made sure you have several methods to choose from.

On one hand, VTrain complies with
international standards: you can use VTrain with international Unicode fonts and with the input methods of most languages. But, of course, we also feature third-party solutions in this section, so you can choose whatever fits you best.

On the other hand, VTrain comes with its own multilingual facilities.

For instance, VTrain includes
on-screen keyboards for 100 languages. You can use these keyboards to enter special characters by way of mouse clicks or, alternatively, by using customizable keyboard shortcuts.

In addition, VTrain lets you use the
keyboard layouts of two different languages simultaneously. The layouts can be customized individually for each Deck of flashcards (German flag Lektion).

Choose from the menu on the left to learn more about different writing systems and character input solutions.
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